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Marriage is a journey, not a destination. Sometimes the path is rocky and hard, while other times it’s flat and easy. Unfortunately, we can end up settling for surviving when God gives us what we need to thrive. If you are married, preparing to be married, or would like to be married one day, and want to know more about how your marriage or any marriage can THRIVE Not Survive, take three hours to invest in your relationship and attend THRIVE NOT SURVIVE. There is no cost, light refreshments will be provided, and childcare is available. Sign up below!


Date: Friday, August 23

Registration/Check In: 5:30pm

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: FREE

Childcare: Provided

Location: Empower Cocke County (370 E. Broadway, Newport, TN)

Speakers: Rick Clevenger, John Johnson, Josh Gerber

August 23 Session Topics

  • Conflict: Conflict is a part of life. Every relationship has conflict. The question is, how well do you handle it? All of us need to know how we should handle conflict God’s way. Learn how to deal with conflict and disagreements, how to solve them, and offer forgiveness.

  • Sex: We live in a world that has corrupted God’s gifts, including sex. How should we rightly view sex? How can we guard against sexual temptations? Learn and understand how sex is a good gift from God and how you can use it rightly.

  • Parenting: Focus on teenage and college years: The teenage years can be scary for parents. What should you expect? How difficult is it? Find out how to navigate the teenage, college, and post-college years of parenting your child.